Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Veggie Burger&French Fries
SesameHamBurger Buns-4(For 2 people)
2 Lettuce leaf
4 roasted Red pepper strips
6 Cucumber slices
3 Onion rings
4 Tomato slices
1 cabbage leaf
2 boiled&mashed Potatoes
1 GreenChilly
1/2 cup chopped Spring onions
1/2 cup chopped Onions
1t sp red chilli pwd
Salt to taste
Oil for cooking
2 tspn Butter
Making of Patty
Patties Preperation:
Take mashed Potatoes in a bowl add chooped onions,spring onions,ginger garlic paste, Breadcrumbs,red chilli pwd,salt to taste, and mix it thoroughly. Add more bread crumbs 1 tspn of rawa(sooji)if mixture is too wet.Make it into a small balls and flatten it into round shape. In a large skillet, heat oil over medium heat.Form mixture into patties and cook about 4 minutes per side until patties have formed a dark brown crust.Heat butter and apply to burger buns.
Top burger with roasted peppers, cucumber and onion slices and fresh tomato,lettuce.Drizzle with pepper.Keep Patties in the middle and cover with lettuce and tomato as 3 rd layer and finish it by topping it with burger bun.Serve in a plate with "French fries".
Veggie Burgers are lower in fat and cholesterol and high in Fiber.


Shilpa said...

U have a great blog here. The picture is too tempting.I am a great fan of French Fries :). I will try this one.

Lakshmi said...

looks real good, photos to bahut sundar hain

Lakshmi said...

looks real good, photos to bahut sundar hain

Priya said...

wow the veggie burger looks YUM ! my husband loves hamburgers, i hate cook any non vegetarian food, i can just abt manage chicken and fish. SO he makes burgers himslef with beef and grills. I buy organic veggie patties for veggie burgers. Now i can ake it myself . Thanx so much for the recipe.

Ashwini said...

That looks really delicious

Santhi said...

Mouthwatering picture vineela....

RP said...

Did you make those french fries from scratch? looks real good. Burger looks yummy too.

Vineela said...

Thank u Shilpa,Lakshmi,Priya,Ashwini,SanthiRP i bought frozen one and i deep fried.Thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

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