Monday, May 8, 2006

Ginger-Peanut Bar

Ginger-Peanut bar is Crunchy, smooth, chewy and sweet and spicy  with a good pop of nuts

Ginger:This flavorful "rhizome" has been used for centuries in Indian cuisine and medicine. Ayurvedic says it as a "universal great edicine".Ginger is widely used by both Indian and Chinese Physicians, it originated on Indian soil and was introduced to China just 300 years ago.In addition to its hot, vibrant flavor, ginger is an excellent digestive and aphrodisiac. It cures nausea and is good for rheumatism.It is suggested eating slices of ginger sprinkled with salt before meals to aid digestion.Chewing on a fresh piece of ginger relieves a sore throat, and hoarseness.Ginger beer is a non-alcoholic soft drink popular in the West Indies and in Britain.It can be made with fresh or powdered ginger.Home-made ginger beer is a refreshing drink in summer.When buying ginger check to make sure that the skin is fresh without wrinkles and that there is no growth of fungus at any of its
small knobs/roots. Store it either in the refrigerator.Traditionally, ginger has been stored buried under a patch of damp red soil and sand mixture.My grand mother used to keep it in a pot coverved with soil.It should be kept damp as to ensure future growth and also freshness of existing ginger.Here we can see more about Ginger.
and Its Culinary Uses.
About Ginger Medical referance.
More information about Ginger(ALLAM/ADARAK/INGI)plant from Stevenfoster's website.
I made this recipe for May's SHF(SUGAR HIGH FRIDAY) Event hosting by hostess "Ruth" of onceuponafeast.I just modified "Allam Murabba" (allam is called "Ginger" in telugu murabba means preserved i think may be its a "persian" word) into a tasty, soft, moist, jaggery -coated chunks of hot-spicy ginger. The sweet and spicy transitions are delightfully stimulating.It has a wonderful sweet spicy taste that goes well with the refreshing flavor of lemon.What the real aroma is - you can smell the ginger in it.

Ginger - 3"size,piece
Jaggery - 1 cup
Sugar - 2 tspn
Roasted Peanuts - 2cups
Roasted sesame -1/2 cup
Unsalted Clarified Butter(Ghee) - 1 tsp,for greasing
Water-1/2 cup
lemon juice - 1/2 tspn

Wash the ginger and peel the skin and chop into a small pieces and grind it to a paste by adding little amount of water.Heat a heavy bottomed vessel(copper bottom will work out) or nonstick pan and add grated jaggery to it along with water.Ginger paste - Melted jaggeryKeep stirring with wodden ladle on a low heat untill jaggery melts.Add lemon juice ,sugar to it and keep stirring.Add ginger paste to that and bring it to boil for 10 minutes on low heat.When Jaggery starts giving bubbles,if it is in a form of thick syrup and sticking to ladle while stirring then it is right consistensy to make bars.Dont touch(caramelized sugar) it with hand because it will stick to fingures and too hot.Add chopped Peanuts and crushed Sesame seedsto that and mix well.Remove from fire.Pour this jaggery-nuts paste into a greased foil laid in a tupperware or pan by spreading evenly and leave it to cool for 3hrs.

purre1Ginger-Peanut Bar

Cut into pieces and enjoy the taste of sweet and hot spicy ginger chunks.It's really a very balanced bar.It isn't overly sweet and the warm spicy ginger is ruling along with crunchy peanuts.I felt"Ginger"is a good match with jaggery and nuts.I found myself chewing quickly just so I could take another bite of spicy caramelized Ginger - Peanut bar.


Santhi said...

what a unusual combination vineela..

It loosk totally DELISH........

Saffron said...

wow! sweet 'n spicy...sounds wonderful vineela.

btw, I saw your chilled carrot soup picture only today. The carrot garnish is mindblowing. great job!!


Anonymous said...

This really sounds,looks and am sure tastes really cool! Maybe I will use brown sugar instead?

Tanuja said...

Hi Vineela,

Mee ginger-peanut bar recipe sounds great , I have to try this :)Thanks for the recipe.

Menu Today said...

Hi Vineela,
Really nice one. Explained so well. Thanx for sharing.

Lakshmi said...

bhale vunayi, naku kavala vineela

Luv2cook said...

WOW..Vineela..the word "allam murabba" brought back so many memories. I used to buy this from a local tiny store when I was a kid visiting my grandparents in their village..Definitely a must try for me..

KrishnaArjuna said...

ginger-peanut bars look yummy! Never thought of this combo though..

Shilpa said...

Thats a very interesting recipe. I will try it and let you know :).

Indira said...

I love allam murabba and adding peanuts is a great idea, I guess they will add some crunchiness to the murabba. Great entry and gorgeous photos, Vineela.


Puspha said...

That is super good. Thanx a lot 4 the recipe. Itz a must try.

Sumitha said...

Hi Vineela,
Never heard of this dish before.What a nice original dish from you,I will definetly try it.

sailu said...

Vineela,interesting recipe and good entry !!


Santhi said...

The farm is called underwood farm and is located in moorpark.

this is their website

Ashwini said...

Thats one unique brittle I must say. We have aalepak in Maharashtra but it is very different from your recipe

indosungod said...

that is a delicious way to add ginger to your diet. I also love your beetroot parathas and going give it a try

Vineela said...

Santhi,Saffron hut,Tanuja,Menutoday
Thank you very much.
LG -Thank you. You can add brown sugar insted of jaggery.
l2c,lakshmi,Arjuna thankyou guys.
Ashwini ,YA,its similar to alepak .Thank You Indira,Sailu ,Ya i felt what to prepare for this event with ginger as sweet so i scratched my brain and tried this by adding nuts for additional crunchy taste.My mom laughed and said "good idea "on phone when i told i made allam murabba.
Shilpa,Sumitha,Pushpa give a try iam sure you will like this bars.
Indosungod - thanks for your comments .try beetroot paratas iam sure you will definetly like the taste.

Stephanie said...

Oooh, Vineela! This is gorgeous! I konw Matt would gladly eat a bunch of 'em.

Linda said...

This sounds good! Sweet & spicy!

Gabriella True said...

wow. I never would have thought of that! great.

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