Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mamidakaya Pappu & Ridgegourd Bajji

Mamidikaya Pappu Rice with Fried & Salted Green Chillies,Beerakaya Bajji

Ingrediets for Raw Mango Dal:
Raw Mango - 9 pieces
Toor dal(Kandi Pappu) - 2 cups
Onions - 4 no(small size),chopped
Greenchillies - 2 no
Fenugreek Seeds - 1/2 tspn
Redchilli pwd - 1tspn
Turmeric - a pinch
Salt to taste
For seasoining
Mustard seeds - 1/2tspn
Curry leaves - 1 sprig,chopped
Oil - 1tspn

Take a vessel put washed toor dal, pinch of turmeric ,water and place it into the pressure cooker on a medium falme .When steam starts coming,place another plate on the vessel and add mango pieces,fenugreek seeds,onions ,green chillies and close the cooker top and put weight valve and allow it to cook on medium flame until 3 whistles come.Remove from the fire.Let it cool for some time until valve realeses easily.Dal should cook soft so make sure to add adequate water.Release weight valve and mix the dal to make into soft paste. Heat oil in pan add mustard seeds after it splutters add curry leaves,boiled dal,red chilli pwd,boiled onions,green chillies ,salt and stir well.
Add a cup of water to it and boil it for 5 minutes by covering with the lid.Now add boiled mangoe pieces and cook for another 7 or 8 minutes.Through out making dal you will get the aroma of mangoes which will fill the whole house.Add a spoon of ghee to the dal before removing from the fire.Ghee enhances the dal taste.Serve hot with steamed rice ,papads ,fried and salted green chillies.

Fried and Salted Green chillies:
Heat a 1/2tspn of vegetable oil in a pan and fry the thinly slitted greenchillies by sprinkling a pinch of salt.Remove from fire when it changes its color.

Beerakaya Bajji/Ridgegourd Bajji:
Wash Ridgegourd
here and peel with a vegetable peeler to remove most of the outer skin and rough ridges.Cut into roundshapes and add red chilli pwd ,a pinch of salt to it.
Ridgegourd cut into circle shape
Mix bengalgram dal with a sufficient water,salt,redchilli,a pinch of vamu pwd and mix well to make a perfect bajji batter.Heat oil in deep fry pan/kadai dip the ridgegourd rounds into the batter and slowly leave it into the hot oil.Fry the baggis to golden brown color and Strain it on a tissuepaper to take out of excess oil.Serve hot with Coffee.
My mom used to do these bajjis in the evenings for our hungry stomaches.We used to finish one round and used to wait for another round.Afterthat she says "These bajjis are for your dad".So,we will stop after hearing to her.So,afterthat i learnt from my mom and iam preparing myself and i got oppurtunity to share the recipe with you people.Beerakaya Bajji,Ready to eat
Today after making,i felt why i cant take these bajjis for Meena's Picnic at the park
Check for Ridgegourd Recipes here, ridgegourd-tomato curry , Beerakaya Pappu. and more information here.
Recipe Source:Amma


Nabeela said...

OMG!!! those chillies look awesome!! although i have a very low chilli tolerance, that doesn't stop me from eating all kinds of hot hot things!!

indosungod said...

Vineela ridge gourd bajji, intresting, should give it a try, sure looks good

Shilpa said...

Awesome post Vineela.

Lakshmi said...

wow nice post Vineela, and a very good presentation as usual.

Priya said...

Bajjis with ridgegourd ! Looks delicious. shall try it soon.

Tanuja said...

Hi vineela,

wow renti combination adiri poyindi nice yummy recipes, Ur presentation is excellent:)

Menu Today said...

Hi Vineela,
Excellent ridge gourd bajji,Can I have one. In my house diwali time my mom makes this bajji.

Puspha said...

Ur bajji looks delicious.

sudhav said...

hi vineela, u r pappu and bajji's r very nice..i liked the way u have taged the mango :-).This recipe goes to my To Do list..

Cooking Theory said...

Wow! Ridgeguard Bajji. I never tried them.I didn't know these many recipes exist with beerakaya. My mom always made either fry or pappu. This is why I love the food blogging world :)

Inji Pennu said...

Your recipes are soo precious!!

RP said...

Great recipes. You just wanted to make sure it IS a raw mango by labelling it, huh? I would do that too, it is very hard to get good raw mangoes here. Most of them will be ripe inside when we cut open it.

Latha said...

Hi Vineela,

I love your recipes. I finally got a chnace to visit your site. You have such awesome, diffrent recipes. I am going to try some of them.
If u dont mind can I add your blog on my blog as a link.


Santhi said...

awesome pics and a very intresting recipe, beerakya bajji..

Never ate it vinnela. Will make next time I get ridge gourd and thanks for linking me

archana said...

Nice pictures,excellent presentaion, love your flag. Will try this out soon

Anthony said...

This is great.. a visual treat i say...

LERA said...

Vineela,Ridgegourd Bajji is looking so wickedly appetising !can't wait to take a bite..:)

Ashwini said...

Very creative photography Vineela. Loved those bhajis. And the rasmalai looks fabulous too

Sarah said...

ph Vineela, You just reminded me, my med school days in bangalore. I enjoyed my rural postings in a hospital close to Andra border and the nurses used to make this bhaji..yummy

Krithika said...

Bajji looks delicious. Never thought of using Ridge gourd. Nice idea

Vineela said...

Nabeela - By frying in oil the chillies hotness will become less.
Thank you.
ISN - thank you and let me know if you try.
Sudha -Thank you .
Shilpa - thank you.
Lakshmi - thank you.
Priya - Give it a try and let me know.Thank you.
Tanuja - thank you.
Menutoday - You are always welcome.Thank you.
Pushpa - thank you.
Cooking theory - thank you.
Ya we cam make peechu pachadi,pappu,bajji with beerakaya.Even i too like blogging because i will come across lot of new recipes daily.
RP - thank you .Even sometimes i will face the same situation.
Shilpa- thank you .I
Archana - Thank you.
Ashwini - Thank you for your comments Still your delicious mutia is there to try.
Anthony - Thank you.
Latha- thank you. You are most welcome.
Krithika,Sarah - THANK YOU.
Santhi - Thank you.Give it try you will definetly like it.
LG - thank you for your comments.

Ravi said...

Lovely heerekai (ridge gourd in kannada) bajji! My favourite. May I suggest an additional ingredient - asofetida, a small pinch adds a lot to the flavour.

Aparna said...

That one on table is too too appetizing....
As ravi can add a pinch of Bhajji

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