Thursday, June 29, 2006

Annappodi/Spicy Tri Dal Podi

Dals are daily used-in IndianCuisine in different forms in different regions.Especially "Dal" is the easiest preperation in cooking part with the help of pressure cooker and plays a big role in "Vegetarian Main Courses".Lenthils/Dals are rich in Carbohydrates,Calcium, Phosphorous, Iron, and B vitamins and helps in Lower Blood Cholesterol.

Red Chillies,Toor Dal,Urad Dal,Chana Dal,Dried Coconut,Asafoetida

"Podi / Powder" plays vital role in everydays South Indian Cuisine.

Here is my mom's "Oil Free Recipe " for JFI - DAL Event.

Ingredients for Annappodi/ Spicy Dal Podi

Toor Dal/Kandi Pappu/Tuvaram paruppu - 1 cup

Urad Dal/Minapappu/Ullundu - 1 cup

Chana Dal(Bengal gram/Senaga Pappu/Kadala Paruppu) - ¾ cup

Red Chillies (Endu Mirapakayalu) - 20 no(thin in size)

Dried Coconut - 5 tbspn

Roasted Jeera - 2 tspn
Tamarind - (small gooseberry size as shown in photo)

Asafoetida(Hing/Inguva/Perumgayam) - 2tspn

Salt to taste


1.Heat kadai and roast the Toordal in medium flame until it changes to light golden brown color and keep it aside.

2.Fry Urad dal for light pink color and Chana dal for light brown color but be careful Chana dal tending to become black fast.

31.Fry Redchillies for light brown color ,keep it aside.

4.Fry dry Coconut scrapes for 2min to change light golden color and add Asafoetida and mix well(By this time kitchen will be filled with aroma) and remove from fire and leave it to completely cool.

5.Fry Tamarind also in the same way.If the ingredients are cooling enough transfers to a blender and grind coarsely in batches.Make sure it should be middle of grain texture and fine powder."Annam" is called "Rice" in "Telugu" and this podi will be mixed with hot rice so it is named as "ANNAPPODI".


This podi mixed with oil is good with Idli,Dosa,Upma.
Recipe Source :Amma

Dal Podi Sushi Roll

1.Mix Annappodi with steamed Rice,Ghee / Vegetable oil and keep it aside.Instead of Nori I tried with Romaine Lettuce leaves.

2.Place Lettuce leaves in tawa by drizzling some oil and cover with a lid for 2 minutes so that leaves will turn to pale color.Remove from fire and place leaves on cutting board ,sprinkle a pinch of pepper,jeera pwd and put the mixed podi rice
on the leaves and place fried onins on the above of the rice and slowly roll it fully upto edjes and keep it for 10 minutes for setting in fridge.

3.Cut into 2" pieces and serve as "DalPodi Sushi Rolls" with Appalam /Vadiyams.

DalPodi Sushi Roll with Vadiyams

Jihva for ingredients
I prepared a sweet for this event in mid June but i like to post "podi" as my first entry to JFI - Dal for July Month by hostess Sailaja of Sailu's Food.


Linda said...

Oh my, Vineela! Everything looks so tempting -- you are Mistress of Podis in my book. That sushi roll is fantastic, very inspired! Could you please post recipe for the fried treat you served with it sometime, too :) (I assume that is Appalam/Vadiyams you mentioned)

Sumitha said...

Vineela the pictures are beautiful,very very good photos and that podi wow!A very nice entry indeed!

sailaja said...

Simply superb!
Great entry, Vineela. Annapodi is my favorite podi and cant do without it..:)
Thanks for participating in JFI-Dal event.

BDSN said...

I cant wait to try your stuffed okra and your annapodi..!!
Tempting pictures Vineela!!

KrishnaArjuna said...

Great Spread! Quite an innovative way to present pappula podi!!

sudha said...

I always bring this podi from india. Thanks for your recipe,i will try this time.

Priya said...

Annapodi sushi roll is very creative. Vineela you can make the simplest food look like a gourmet.

Kudos to you :)

Indira said...

You rock, Vineela!
I love the podi and the indianized Sushi, you are a creative genius, my friend.!

Krithika said...

What a creative way to present a simple podi ! Great work !

starry nights said...

I like the way u displayed the ingredients.thanks for sharing. my husband loves all these different podis, I usually buy I am going to make some for him.

madhu said...

Hey Vineela, very creative....
Sushi/lettuce rolls looks awesome,
loved it..Thanks for sharing.

shilpa said...

Good one Vineela. I love that podi. Oo the podi, ghee and rice, isn't it an amazing combination?

Anonymous said...

Oh My God! Vineela,thats absolutely fantastic! And what creativity using it for sushi!!!

sudhav said...

Beautiful pictures vineela and a nice entry to JFI event..waiting to see the sweet..:-)

Nabeela said...

OMG! What a wonderful have some nice tricks up your sleeves Vineela! The sushi rolls look absolutely scrumptious. I might try them with leftover rice next time. Thanks for the awesome idea.

archana said...

Well, well, this is talent, real creativity, i loved the idea of Indian inspired Sushi. Nice photos Vineela, enjoy a happy Dal Day.

Puspha said...

Awesome post!!!! Well done Vineela.

Priya said...

WOW ! Vineela, wonderful innovation. Will surely try this out as we have stocks of pappupodi in the apt. Anytime some one goes to India in our frnds circle they come back with fresh mom-made podis :-)

Vaishali said...

Dal Podi Sushi Roll? How much more creative can you get? You deserve a pat on the back, Vineela. Very imaginative of you. Looking forward to your sweet recipe with dal.

santhi said...

what an innovative and amazing entry vineels. Great Job..

Sahithi has been keeping me busy along with work, friends & family visting... and then camera problmes :) thats why less blogging frequency from me.
Hopefully I will rectify this soon..

RP said...

Just like "cookies in a jar", dal podi comes in a jar too? Send it to me please. :)

indianadoc said...

Pappulu podi n Sushi, that's a very creative fusion...brilliant post!

gattina said...

wow! What a innovative idea! And gorgeous photos!!!

Ashwini said...

Beaaaautiful. You are super creative buddy

Revathi said...

Hi Vineela

Chaala chaaala bavundi. very innovative.

Vineela said...

Thanks a lot to all those who visited my entry and it is very nice of you to encourage my work. I am always surrounded by encouraging people..My next dal contribution will be published soon once I conclude my vacation..

Thanks to rp for searching and displaying same kinda picture from net...I believe I got to design a special bottle inspite of my culinary contributions:-)ough..
Thanks everyone..

Anonymous said...

Lucky for you I don't know where you live or I'd show up for meals everyday!

Paz ;-)

ArSu said...

Hi Vineela,
Very creative presentations and nice recipes.gonna try your stuffed okra and vegetarian version of your sushi soon.

Shankari said...

your sushi roll is very appetizing and very creative.

Vineela said...

Thanks Paz, Arsu and Sankari. you are always welcome for the meal.

Nandita said...

Fantastic presentation Vineela, very interesting recipe for Jihva!

Vineela said...

Hi Nanditha,
Thanks for your comments.

Meenakshi said...

I loved the dal podi sushi roll idea. An authentic yet harmonious blend of Indian and Japanese cuisines. Podis are truly a godsend, as well made podis can stay fresh for weeks and some of them even go very well with toast! We have a wide array of podis listed in our cookbook ,”Cooking at home with Pedatha “. I’m sure they would make for an interesting read!

Meenakshi at PRITYA

Anonymous said...

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renuka said...

ur recipe looks too tasty...tempting to do now itself...will try soon...thanks for ur recipe