Friday, June 2, 2006

Purslane Dal /Peddapavila Aaaku Pappu

Peddapaavila aaku /PURSLANE /Verdolaga
Portulaca oleraceaFLOWERS AND SEEDS
Purslane or Verdolaga (Spanish Word) is a vegetable green used in many Indian states and Latin American countries. It is also popular as a salad green in France and other European countries with a taste similar to watercress. Verdolaga is also valued in Latin America for its medicinal properties. It is believed to be native to Ancient India. In Andhra it is mostly used in lentil soups and curries. It has been cultivated for more than 4,000 years. Tenth-century Arabic treatises provide detailed information on varieties and cultivation. Seventeenth-century English recipes used by the cooks of Charles II list it as a salad ingredient. See also: here about this plant.

Nutritional information :
1.It is a good source of vitamin E(6 times more than spinach),A , C and omega-3 fatty acids which help build cell membranes, especially of the brain and eyes, and reduce inflammation and blood pressure.
2.It contains more Omega-3 fatty acids than any other leafy vegetable plant and it is the richest vegetable source of omega-3 fatty acids (which lower lipid levels in the blood). The principal type of omega-3 fatty acid is linolenic acid. It controls bloodpressure, clotting,the immune system, prevent inflammation, lower cholesterol (LDL), prevent certain cancers and control coronary spasms.
3.The late American naturalist Euel Gibbons recommended it highly in his book, calling it "India's gift to the world".
4.Scientific name:Portulacca oleracea ,Family: Portulacaceae.
Common English names: pigweed, Purslane, little hogweed, postelijn, pourpier, portulat, garden purslane, fatweed.
5.In Telugu it is called Gangapaayala/Peddapaayala/Peddapaavila aaku koora
Tamil :Parippu Keerai
Hindi:chota lunia
Sanskrit: bruhalloani
Mandarin Chinese:Gwa tsz tsai;
Filipino: ngalog.
Spanish: Verdolaga

Gangapayala aakukoora/Purslane - 1 bunch
Toor dal - 2 cups,boiled in pressure cooker
Onion - 1,chopped
greenchillies - 2no,chopped
Garlic - 1 pod,
Sweet Grape Tomatoes/Tomato - 4 no
Red chilli pwd - 1tspn,
Turmeric - a pinch
Salt to taste.
For Seasoning:
Mustard seeds - 1tspn
Cumin seeds - 1tspn,
Red chilli - 1no

Boil Toor dal and keep it aside.Heat 1 tspn of oil in the pan ,add mustard seeds.Mustard seeds start splutters then add jeera and fry upto jeera changes goldenbrown color.Now add garlic,chopped onions fry till Onions become soft.Add sweet tomatoes and cook for a while in low flame.
Add chopped purslane,green chillies,turmeric to the pan and stir for 2 minute and pour 2cups of water and keep lid on the pan.Cook for 7 minutes and add boiled Toordal,Salt to it.Mix well with laddle and cook for another 7 minutes in medium flame.Garnish with corinder leaves and serve hot with steaming Rice or Chapathis.

Peddapaavila aaku Pappu

Cabbage-Peas-Corn stuffed Parata:
Cabbage - medium size cut into half,chopped into small pieces
Peas (Frozen/Soaked) - 1 cup
Corn (Frozen/Fresh) - 1 cup
Green chillies - 3no,finely chopped,
Onions - 1no,finely chopped
Garlic - Ginger paste - 1tspn
Turmeric - a pinch,
Red chilli pwd - 1 tspn,
Coriander pwd (Dhaniyala podi/Dhaniya pwd) - 1tspn
Salt to taste
Mustard seeds Oil for seasoning

Heat 1tspn oil in a sucepan and add mustard seeds leave it to splutter then add greenchillies,onions and saute for a while.Add,chopped cabbage,peas,corn ,salt,redchilli pwd and stir well for another 3 minutes.
Add turmeric and coriander pwd,ginger garlic paste and sprinkle 1/2cup of water cover the pan with a lid and cook in medium heat for another 10 minutes.Stir well and add salt and chilli pwd if you feel necessary.Garnish with corinder leaves.
This can be taken directly with chapathis or hot rice .
For Parata:
Mix wheat flour,salt with a warm milk and knead it to fine dough.Cover dough with a damp cloth for 30minutes.Divide the paratha dough into small balls.Roll out each ball with a rolling pin into a small circle, make the cabbage-peas-corn fry stuffing into a small ball size and place in the centre of the chapathi.
Bring the edjes into the middle and rollback into a ball.Flatten these balls and roll out into medium sized chapathis on a lightly floured board.Paratas
Heat tawa over a medium heat,add some ghee and place paratha.Keep flame in sim,spread Oil and fry it bothsides.Parata bubble up and chages to goldenbrown color.Cabbage-Peas-Corn stuffed Parata and Purslane Dal Serve hot with dal and curd.
Recipe Source:Amma


sudhav said...

the dal and the chapathi looks yummy vineela..I have never seen this greens.nice pictures

paz said...

Very interesting! I've not heard of purslane before. I'm happy to learn something new. Your cabbage peas and corn stuffed paratha look delicious. Beautiful pics!


Lera said...

Awesome and interesting !wish i could find these greens here...

Menu Today said...

Hi Vineela,
Your paratha and Paruppu Keerai looks yummy!!!I never Seen this type of keerai in india.

indosungod said...

tasty parathas and love the dal too, I still am not sure what the green are though look for them on my next visit to the store,
does it looks very similar to methi?

KrishnaArjuna said...

Vineela, I never saw these greens at my grocery store. Both roti and dal look yummy!

Mythili said...


This is amazing. We call this gangavaayilu aaku back home and I love the dal made out of these leaves. Thanks so much for those pictures :)

shilpa said...

wow. I feel like eating that paratha and daal Vineela. Thanks for sharing.

Biju S Melayil said...


Those paratas are really tempting..

thanks for sharing this recipe.

Shankari said...

the parathas looks soooo good. yummy

nav said...

Your post makes me home-sick. This is one of the green-leafies which is used to make dal or pachadi at home. I couldn't first recognise it but then it flashed to me that we use it quite often at home and call it 'gangavayalu koora' . Everyone advises to eat a lot of green leafy vegetables but here we cannot get anything other than spinach and may be sometimes methi.. sigh! Great Write-up there, will be adding you to my blogroll.


Anonymous said...

oh! Watercress. I wonder what it is called in malayalam. sambar keerai? I always think of buying watrecress...but never did!
Next time for sure!
Your postings are very descriptive.
Thanks Vineela!

Krithika said...

I have seen these greens in my grocery but never thought of buying it. Thanks for introducing me to something new. Will definitely try this.

Ramya said...

Hi vineeela,
very interesting recipe....
I know parrupu keerai(Chenopodium album).There is one variety but this is different.Your posting gives a new awareness.It has also subname pigweed but is different Variety.

Sarah said...

I think this is what my mother called thazhuthama.. don't ask what language is tht..but I hv hd to endure many years of going inside culverts, finding this green and bringing it home, then later I hd to eat it was supposed to be too Nutritious!!!
Vineela tht roti looks yummy.. I still make roti's tht resembles australia..if I am lucky then India!!but never round..

Revathi said...

Hi Vineela,
Somewhere some telepathy. LAst week Ravi was telling his childhood stories about this aaku koora.. Where did you buy it ? I live in the bay area - in Fremont. Can you tell me where you found it please.. Thanks

Latha said...

Hi Vineela,
Yummy looking paratha and Dal. Do you know if we get this leaf in the US here?


Vineela said...

Sudha ,Thank you very much.Try and let me know.You will get in any mexican store,sudha
Paz - Thank you.
Lera - You will definetly get these in our local markets.
Krithika - thank you very much.Let me know how you liked it.
Shilpa- thank you .
Arjuna - Thank you.
ISN - i have given link of that plant and go through i t and you will definetly get here in any veggie section(salad)
Latha,Menu Today - thank you.
IC - Thank you very much.
Nav - thank you.
Shankari - tahnk you
Mythili - i prepared dal which i learnt from my mom.I do like the flavor of that.
biju s melayil - thanks for visiting.
lg - watercress is different from this plant.watercress will hav ewhite flowers and purslane will have tiny yellow flowers.
Revathi - Search in veggie section(salad) in mexican food shop and you will definetly find these green leaves (verdolagos in spanish) .Let me know how u like this dal if you prepare.
Ramya - thank you for your kind words.

ggop said...

Like Revathi, I live in the bay area. Have you stumbled across this in farmer's markets or Whole Foods? I can't think of a Mexican produce store nearby, maybe I'll try the local Chinese supermarket.

Anonymous said...

Vineela, regarding this recipe, when do you add the tomatoes. As the recipe mentions that you require 4 nos of tomatoes.Thanks

Anonymous said...

Besides tomatoes, the 'method' leaves out chili and chili powder, as well. When does one add these three ingredients in cooking this dish?

Surender said...

These greens are not usually sold in the US markets. Those who have a back yard may notice that this grows like a weed in spring time. That's how I got this.

Purslane is also cultivated in the US as a flowering plant. I used to see those in Austin, Tx.

Those who do not have a back yard can go to some community gardens and look for this growing like a weed.

There is another plant which is close to this in texture (succulant) and very easy to grow. This is called Newzealand Spinach, and you can buy seeds in seed catalogs. Unlike spinach this grows in summer also.

Another alternative is Malabar Spinach which is available in Chinese shops. This has a wider leaf and thicker stems and very succulant. In Telugu it is called Bachhali Kura. The leaves are good for making bajjis (deeped fried after dipping in besan batter).

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Kim said...

This is great. I just bought some of this at our farmers market and wasn't sure what to do with it. This sounds yummy. I also have a bunch growing in my yard and had no idea what it was, now I can use it, and it's good for me too!

hello_world said...

hi, what is watercress called in telugu.. Please let me know.. I am in great need

Mona said...

Purslane is also called as 'Kulfa ki bhaji' in Urdu language. The dal looks yummy!!