Sunday, July 9, 2006

"F" for Fenugreek Poori in Dahi - Chaat

floating filled puris in curd

Ingredients for "Fenugreek Poori"
Fresh Fenugreek leaves(Menthi Aaaku/Vendhiya kerrai/Methi) - ½ bunch
Wheat flour - 4 cups(Golden temple brand Godhuma Pindi/Godhumai mavu)
Luke warm milk - ½ cup
Cumin pwd - ½ tspn
Red Chilly Pwd - 2tspn
Sooji(Rava) - 1 tspn
Salt to taste.
Oil for deep frying
fenugreek poori


1.Wash Fenugreek Leaves and wipe with a dry cloth and chop into small pieces.

2.Take Wheat flour in a bowl add salt,sooji,red chilli pwd,cumin pwd,chopped menthi leaves and knead well by adding warm milk and sufficent water to make a soft and pilable dough.Cover this with a damp cloth and keep it aside for 30 minutes.

3.Make medium Onion size balls with the dough and flatten it but sprinkling flour ,roll it with a roller pin into a circle /rectangle and cut the dough with the lid of jar(circle shape)into a small size pooris.

4.Heat Oil in a kadai ,until it gets hot enough to deep fry.(You can find by dropping a small piece of puri in hot oil to know whether oil is enough hot to deep fry .Poori piece will come up immediately.So start frying.)

5.Fry all these small poories for bothsides until golden brown and strain on paper towel for excess oil.Store in a airtight container for another 2 months.

Dahi for Chaat
Homemade Yoghurt(Perugu/Thayir/Dahi/Curd) - 4 cups
Sugar - 1tbspn
Black Salt /Kala Namak - 3 tspn
Cumin pwd - 2tspn
Red Chilly pwd - ½ tspn
Dahi Poori Chaat


1.Beat the curds and add Black Salt,Sugar,Cumin pwd ,Red Chilly pwd and mix well ,Cover and chill in fridge.

For Filling Fenugreek Pooris:
Tamarind chutney (refer Panipoori recipe)
Crushed Cumin powder
Red chilli powder
Boiled and cubed Potatoes - 5 no
Chopped Onions - 2 cups
Chopped Coriander - 1 bunch
Chaat masala - 1tspn


1.Take the pooris and make a hole with the finger in the middle of the poori and stuff with Potato cubes along with Tamarind chutney ,Green Chutney,chopped Onion pieces and sprinkle Chaat masala.

2.Place all these poories in a serving plate.

3.Take out Chilled Dahi from fridge and pour around each poori upto ½ inch size in length .

4.Drizzle Tamarind chutney on the top of each poori .Garnish with washed fresh Coriander leaves and serve immediately.
Fenugreek Leaf Pooris in Dahi Chaat with fresh coriander leaves


Anu said...

Looks mouth watering ..
I like dahi pooris,pani pooris .all sorts I will surely try this one. Thanks for a nice reciepe

Thank You,Anonymous.

sudhav said...

Nice chat, ,vineela, the poori looks great..goes to my to do list..Thanks for sharing ...

Thank You,Sudha. I love these chaats very much.In "Hyderabad" Gokhul Chaat Bhandar is welknown for various chaats.

shilpa said...

Fantastic. I don't have any more words :).

Thank You,Shilpa

Tanuja said...

Hi vineela,
abba chat chustuntene nooru uripothondi,I have to try it today itself cant wait:)thanks for sharing such a wonderful yummy dishes.

Thank you,Tanuja. Hope your kids are enjoying vacation.

KrishnaArjuna said...

Poori looks absolutely delicious Vineela!! You have the patience of a saint, don't you??(always creating something unique and yummy!)
Thank You.Chaats are always yummy,isn't Arjuna

Nila said...

Nice one vineela, Healthy poori. looks fantastic. :)

Thank You,Nila .I like dal,parata,poories with fenugreek leaves .

Sumitha said...

Wow fenugreek puri in dahi who would have thought of that?Looks delicious!
Hi Sumitha,
Thank You .Really i liked these poories mixed with menthi leaf flakes.

Krithika said...

Your puris look mouth watering. I want to try this. I have a question to ask. Will these puris be crisp ?
Hi Krithika,
I added sooji (rava) in dough while kneading.So,pooris will puff up and even crispy too.
Thank You.

Annita said...

Looks soo delicious,vineela.Really gotta try it..
Hi Annita,
Thank You.Definetly give a try and Let me know how liked it .

Revathi said...

Woooowww wants me to pop a poori cool cool dish for this hot summer :)
Hi Revathi,
I felt eating more because of chilled dahi.Ooops ,I will make more next time.Thank You.

Nabeela said...

that looks yummy!
Hi Nabeela,
Thank You.

archana said...

Fantastic, as usual very creative !!! I loved the first photo so much.
Hi Archana,
Thank You.Iam going to prepare your "Naan" Recipe this weekend.

ArSu said...

Yet another masterpiece Vineela.
Hi Arsu ,
Thank You.

Menu Today said...

Hi Vineela,
Delicious and healthy puris with fenugreek. Thanx for sharing.
Hi MM,
Thanks for visiting.

Latha said...

Looks Delicious Vineela. I love chat and am going to have this recipe soon.

Hi Latha,
Definetly try these poories and iam sure your children will like very much.Thank you.

Ashwini said...

Thats really yummy...I wish I stayed closer to you :-)
Hi Ashwini ,
I do wish the same thing for your dates shake,cucumber dhodaks ,Moong dal chilla.....Thank You.

Inji Pennu said...

Oh Vineela!Tsk..Tsk..I want to eat this!!!

Hi LG,
O.K what i can say it is for you only.

sudha said...

Wow..very nice photos. Thanks for sharing a wonderful recipe.
Hi Sudha,
Thanks for visiting.

gattina said...

I have a soft spot for deep-fried food... wish I could have some poori!!! And beautiful photos! The lighting is just superb!
Hi Gattina,
Thank you for your kind words.

Sumi said...

those small puri's are very cute
Hi Sumi,
Thanks for visiting

Lera said...

Vineela, your chaat's are really Awesome and delicious.
Hi Lera,
Very nice to hear that you liked .Thank you.

santhi said...

yummilicious looking pooris vineela
Here is the number for indian grocery store (818) 887-6917.
It is called sunshine groceries
Thank you ,Santhi.I will try to get gongura from there.

Vineela said...

Hi Santhi,
Thank you.

Sowjanya said...

Looks beautiful vineela, With a long blog break I have lots of recipes to try out and fenugreek poori is one among them :-)
Thanks for visiting and let me know how you liked when you prepare,Sowjanya

Luv2cook said...

WOW....those puris look so delicious. When are you inviting me home? hehee
Hi Sam,
Thank You.You are always welcome.When is your housewarming party?

Anonymous said...

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