Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thai Coconut Soup

Today weather is gloomy and wet.So, its time for some soup.Once we tried thai coconut soup from Thai restaurant named Aruneehouse , which is few blocks away from our place.Their coconut soup was excellent with galangal,lemongrass,lime and mushrooms.We really enjoyed their delicacies.Here goes my thai coconut milk soup (original recipe name is tom kha gai )
Coconut milk - 1 tin
Ginger root - 6,thinly sliced (original recipe calls for Galangal)
lemon grass stalks - 1
onion slices - 4 no
kaffir lime leaves - 4 no, torn into pieces
celery - ½ stalk, sliced thinly
cilantro - 2 sprigs
button mushrooms - 5 or 6 no,sliced
green chillies - 3 no,chopped
Dried red chillies - 2 no
Sugar - ¼ tspn
vegetable oil for frying
lime juice - 1 tbspn /lime - ½
Vegetable stock or Water - 1½ cup
Salt and pepper according to taste


How I made:
Heat oil in a large saucepan and add sliced onion,sliced lemon grass,sliced ginger,sliced celery ,chopped green chillies ,kafir lime leaves,and sauté, stirring, for 1 minute and uncovered.Add sliced mushrooms and sauté for a 1 minute.Add coconut milk,lemon zest to the pan and bring it to boil.Bring soup to simmer and cook for 7 to 10 minutes in low flame.Add salt,pepper and lime juice according to taste.Garnish with cilantro leaves.

I felt this soup can be taken without any croutons so iam participating in
Lisa of Lisa kitchen's no-croutons-required event.


Superchef said...

looks delicious!!

Mythreyee said...

looks very yummy.

shriya said...

Hi Vineela, You have a very nice blog. Soup looks so yummy and mothwatering. Nice entry.

Lisa said...

Thanks so much for your entry. Delicious! Check back on Friday for the roundup.

Coffee said...

HEY! Thats a great soup Vineela! Its going right in my bookmarks. :)

sra said...

Vineela, I brought back some stuff from Thailand, most of the stuff that you mentioned in this recipe. It's all dry, and I wondered how good it would be - I made something like this using them the other day and it was very flavourful - now I'll go ahead and try this recipe too!

Asha said...

Beautiful soup! Coconut milk makes everything creamy and yummy!:)

Happy cook said...

De"licious soup.

sandhya said...

the soup sounds delicious.

Linda said...

That's one of my favorite soups, Vineela, and your version looks delicious! Thanks for this -- I will definitely be making it :)

SMN said...

this is a new recipe for me.. lovely one.. thank you for sharing

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Mythreyee said...

vineela, can you please send the link to JFI milk to my emaill ID mythreyee at paajaka dot com. I am not able to locate the roundup. Thanks!

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Gattina said...

I haven't tasted coconut soup, this recipe fefinitely a good one to start with!

srivy said...

nice one:) the only other cuisines ive liked besides indian are thai and chinese. yeah because of their spicy flavour jsut like ours.