Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Strawberry and Cherry Picking

Last weekend we planned to visit farms near to our place along with our friends and their kids.We reached the farms after 1½ hours.

My kid was happy to see lot of strawberries at one place.He enjoyed running in and around fields.Strawberries are so juicy and sweet.While picking I can't resist myself tasting tiny red strawberries.Wow enjoyed the taste and picking too.
We did our lunch at near by park and again started ahead to pick cherries.
Here are the pictures of Strawberry Farms:

~~~~~ Strawberry plants ~~~~~

~~~~~ Strawberry flowers ~~~~~

~~~~~ Blackberrys{Red berries are unripe ,when they turn Black its time to pick } ~~~~~

Brentwood Region,Contra Coasta county,California :
Chan's Fruit stand Strawberries,Blackberries
2500b Walnut Blvd. Brentwood, CA 94513 (Corner of Walnut and Payne).
Per pound - 1$
Maggiore Cherry Ranch
Walnut Blvd., 1/2 mile south of Balfour Road, Brentwood
Picked & U-Pick Cherries: Bing, Brooks & Corral Champagne.
Per pound - 2.50 $


Happy cook said...

Wow looks like a lot of fun in the field.

archana said...

How nice to have my friend back to bloggin again. How's the little guy doing?