Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Idly with Vadai Curry,Garlic - Golden Orange Bell Pepper Chutney

Idlys are low in fat and full of protien and easily digestive."Vadai Curry" is one of my husband's favourite side dish for Idly.I just tasted "vadai curry with idly" once when we visited to one of our favourite Hotel "Data Udipi" in K.K Nagar,Chennai.It tastes spicy and yummy.Being an Andhraite "vadai curry" is new to me as a side dish for idly.Mom used to prepare like gravy called "Vadala pulusu" for hot rice with the vadas made with Urad and Chana dal .I grown on idlys along with favourite Peanut chutney,Kobbari chutney(Coconut chutney) and yummy Karappodis(dal powders),Tomato Chutney and Red chilli chutney.Lets come to the point ,i am sharing this recipe in the occasion of Nanditha's Weekend Breakfast Blogging Event as my entry.More info about Idly here.

Idlis with Vadai curry and garlic -coriander- tomato chutney

Recipe and Ingredients for Idly
I will make idlis with Idly rava (from my mom's kitchen) and grinding rice and urad dal in wet grinder according to my aunty's method.Here ,this method is using with Idly rava:
Idly Rava /Uppudu Rava /Cream of Rice - 2 cups
Urad dal - 1 cup
Menthi seeds - ¼ tspn
Salt to taste
For Making
Idly plates,Pressure Cooker
Oil for greasing

1.Soak Urad Dal and Fenugreek seeds for 4 hours and grind the dal for smooth consistency.

2.Soak Idly rava in water for 1 hr before you are going to grind Urad dal.

3.Add Idly rava to the urad dal paste and mix well.Store in a big vessel because batter will rise up and may overflow if vessel is small.

4.Cover with lid and leave it to ferment for 8 hrs.When Batter rises up mix well with ladle by adding sufficient salt.

5.Grease idli plates with oil and pour batter with the ladle and steam for 12 minutes in Pressurecooker without using pressure.

6.Remove from fire Leave it to cool for 2minutes without opening the cooker lid once they are cooked.This makes idlys non sticky to plates while taking with spatula.Another way is Dip spatula in water and take the idlys from idli plates carefully.

7.Serve fluffy - hot idlys with any chutney or podi and especially with "vadai curry ".

Recipe Source :Amma

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Ingredients for Vadai Curry

Soaked Chanadal (Senagapappu/Kadala parupu) - 2 cups
Ginger - 1 " size piece
Green Chillies - 4 ,chopped into small pieces,
Tomato - 1 ,large size or 2 meduim (blanch in hot water, remove the skin and make into a puree)
Onions - 2 ,chopped finely,
Garlic - 4 pods,crushed
Cloves - 2 no,
Cinnamon(Dalchina chekka) - 1"size piece
T urmeric - a pinch
For seasoning
Cumin seeds - 1tspn
Bay Leaf - 1
Red chilies - 2 no ,pieces
Curry leaves - 4 or 5
Coriander leaves for garnishing
Salt to taste
Oil for frying.

blanched tomato,garlic puree,Onion,tomato,Chanadal with Greenchillies,Ginger,Cloves,Cinnamon


1.Soak Chanadal for 4 hrs and grind along with Greenchillies,Ginger into coarsely by sprinkling less water.Add Salt,chopped Onions and keep it aside.

2.Heat Oil in kadai,and make sure when oil is enough hot for deep frying then make batter into small ball and flatten it with your palms and drop slowly from the edjes of kadai into the hot oil.

3.Fry both sides in light goldenbrown color and make sure not to fry like dark golden brown color like masala vada which is crispy.Places vadas on tissue paper to drain out excessive oil.

4.Grind chopped Onions,blanched Tomato along with Cloves,Garlic,Cinnamon into a fine puree.

5.Heat oil in a saucepan,add Cumin seeds and stir for a while to change its color and add crushed garlic,chopped onions and fry for golden brown color.

6.Add the ground paste and fry till the raw smell goes.Add Turmeic pwd,Salt,Red chilli pwd,little water and stir well and cook for 3 minutes by keeping lid.

7.Split vadas into small pieces and add to the gravy and stir once.Cook in low medium flame by keeping lid until the vadas become soft and coated well with the gravy.

8.Garnish with Chopped Coriander leaves and serve hot with Idly or Dosa.


Garlic - Tomato - Coriander - Orange Bell Pepper Chutney
Golden Orange Bell pepper(Known as "Capsicum" in India) - ½
Garlic - 10 pods,peeled
Tomatoes - 2 no ,medium size
Coriander leaves - ¼ bunch
Red chillies - 7 no(depends on your taste)
Salt to taste
Orange Bell Pepper
I used Orange bell pepper,Coriander in this chutney which i felt a nice combo of aroma leaves and sweet flavor(Red Chillies will reduce the sweetness of chutney).This recipe is Very simple and easy to make and yummy too.

1.Fry Garlic pods in oil to goldenbrown color and keep it aside.Fry Coriander leaves in the same for slightly change of its color and Fry Red chillies ,chopped Tomato pieces until tomato become tender and fry chopped Orange color Bellpepper/Capsicum pieces and saute for 3 minutes.

2.Remove from the fire and allow it to cool completely.

3.Grind all these ingredients together by adding little water for a fine paste.Season with mustard seeds and curry leaves and serve with Idly or Dosa or Upma.
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Anonymous said...

I have never heard of vadai curry although I am from South.Will definitely try..Thanks for the recipe.Keep up teh good work :)
Hi Anonymous,
It is one of the side dish for Idly/Dosa in TamilNadu.I have given link of the recipe in my post.thanks for your comments.

shilpa said...

Vadai curry is very new to me. Your breakfast looks very very tempting. You are a great cook Vineela, all your recipes are great :).

Hi Shilpa,
It tastes really good with Idly/Dosa.Thank You.

Sumitha said...

Vineela you sure did have a wonderful breakfast didnt you? The idlis look so soft and supple:)Well Done Vineela!:)
Hi Sumitha,
Ya, We like idly's always and it is a good food for breakingout the weekend sleep.
Thanks for visiting.

sudhav said...

Vineela its been long since i made vada curry, i think i last made it for taniya's first b'th day.now her second b'th day is due in another 2 months..so its been so long vineela..thanks for sharing..gonna make it soon.

Hi Sudha,
So,there will be a big birthday bash in your house in next 2 months.
Thanks for your comment.

archana said...

A must try, i have heard a lot about vada curry from my cousins staying in Chennai, but never tasted it. I am going to make this for sure. Thank you for the detailed recipe. I have never made Idli using Idli rava too, yet another new one to try. Nice photos. Thank you.

Hi ,
Try both Archana and let me know if you prepare.
Thank You.

Neelu said...

I just had my lunch and I m hungry again seeing your Idlis :)
They look absolutely delicious and the vadai curry and pepper chutney are complete new recipes for me . My Idlis dont come out good, I guess I should go for idli rava instead of just rice n urad daal.
Thanks for posting the recipes !

Hi Neelu,
Just mix the Idly rava:Urad dal paste (2:1) ratio and leave it for fermentation.If you have any doubts ask me i will try to help you.Thank You.

Revathi said...

Looks so inviting. Tell about vadacurry to someone from tamilnadu... they will droool and drool and droool... it goes sooooo welll with soft soft idlies... oh i am already drooling here...

Hi Revathi,
I can see you drooling .thank you.

Madhu said...

Hey Vineela,
Vadai curry is very new to me also. Have to try it very soon. Very nice presentation of idly,orange chutney and vada curry.They look wonderful together. Thanks for the recipe.

Hi Madhu,
Vadai curry will goes nice with idly ,dosa and upma too.
Thank you for your kind words.

Menu Today said...

Hi Vineela,
Tasty side dish for idlis.
I too prepare vada curry.
Thanx for sharing.

Hi menu today,
Really tastes good with hot idlys.Thank you.

indosungod said...

I have been hearing a lot about Vada curry lately, have never tasted it, guess it is a favorite in Chennai, thanks for the recipe am going to try it soon.

It is a main side dish in Tamilnadu.
Try and let me know how you liked .
Thank you.

Krithika said...

I have never tasted vada curry but have heard so much about it. Your idlis look so soft. What a combination - vada curry, chutney and idli . wow !

Hi Krithika,
Idly is my favourite breakfast and i like to have idly -sambar- chutney anytime.Really easy way of finishing dinner or breakfast if we have batter and chutney in stock.
Thank You Krithika

Linda said...

Hi Vineela,

All I can say is MMMMMMMmmmmmm... I wish I could have a plate of this right now. Next time I have a free Saturday I am going to attempt this. I made idlis once and some sambhar with them. It came out pretty bland. Yours, with the curry and chutney... looks so yummy...

I still have to go through the rest of your recent posts... I'll be starved by the time I'm done looking :)

Latha said...


What yummy looking pictures. I am hungry as I am typing! I will try the bell pepper chutney and the curry.
We make similar looking curry called 'Vankay Pakodi' but not heard of Vadai Curry.
Keep the recipes coming :-)


Faffer said...

*Drooling*, enough said.

Puspha said...

Super delicious combo!!!

Indira said...

What a colorful and filling breakfast. Just looking at it makes my mouth water. Great recipe and neat photos, Vineela.

Tanuja said...

Hi vineela,

New recipe channa yummy ga undi ee sari tapakunda try cheyali never had idli with curry like this.thanks for sharing such new yummy dishes.

archana said...

Just to let you know that i tried your vada curry recipe yesterday, and it was a big hit. Thank you for your recipe.

gattina said...

oh what a nice start of a day with this yummy chutney!
hope you don't mind me pointing out, I see your 2nd photo turn up side down...

KrishnaArjuna said...

Quite an unusual combo Vineela!

Nandita said...

Thanks Vineela, this was pretty enlightening, like many of the people who've written ahead of me, i too have never heard of vadai curry! All entire platter surely makes a very hearty breakfast
Wonderful post!

Priyamvada_K said...

Hi Vineela,
After reading your recipes for a while, I must say this: your husband's the luckiest guy on earth :)


Prema Sundar said...
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Prema Sundar said...

vineela ur idli, vadai curry photos is mouthwatering. Though i use more or less the same ingredients like urs i do it in a slightly diff way. i think i will surely try ur method next time. vadai curry is one of my favourite recipe. Thanks for sharing ur recipe...
Iam new to food blogging and i have posted very few recipes this month.
Do drop in when u have time at

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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arti said...

hi, i read yr vadai curry recipy.it looks great. i wil try it soon. Thanks

sudha said...

I was in search of the right proportion of urad dal and idliravva for making soft idlis, thank u so much. vadacurry I have eaten so many times from outside. now I think, I am going to make by myself.

sudha said...

I was in search of the right proportion of urad dal and idliravva for making soft idlis, thank u so much. vadacurry I have eaten so many times from outside. now I think, I am going to make by myself.

Arthi said...

Hi Vineela,

I was searching a good recipe for soft idlies using idli rava and i came across your blog spot.

I just have a simple question," should we not grind the idli rava too"?
As in many places i remember reading people are not just adding the soaked idli rava with the urad dal paste.

Till now i have being grinding it too separately and adding it to the ural dal paste.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Vidhya said...

Wow...I love vada curry!! Thanks for sharing the recipe, I will surely try this out!! GOD, already my mouth is watering and my tummy is grumbling...LOVE LOVE VADA CURRY!!!