Saturday, July 22, 2006

Orange,Strawberry,Kiwi Milk Shake & Caramalized Banana

"Comfort Food" is the theme of this month's From My Rasoi # 7 hosting by Dear Revathi of En ulagam. So,Here goes my Tri (fruit +color)ful milk shakes and Caramalized banana.

Chilled glasses with Sugar around the rim with Orange,Strawberry,Kiwi Milkshakes  with Plateful of Whipped Creamy Caramalized Banana

Ingredients for Orange Milk Shake
Orange - 2 no
Milk - 2 cups
Sugar - 3 tspn
Vanilla essence -½tspn


1.Wash and Peel Oranges and deseed while making into pieces.

2.Transfer to blender ,add milk and sugar and blend until smooth and chill in refrigerator.

3.Chill the serving glass in fridge (It will keep milk shake cool for somemore time ) and dip the glass rim in granulated sugar for extra sugary flavour and an another reason is decorating glasses.

4.Pour the "Orange Milkshake" in glasses and serve.

Ingredients for Strawberry Milk Shake
Strawberries - 8 no
Milk - 2cups
Sugar - 4 tspn
Vanilla essence -½ tspn


1.Wash and cut strawberries into half .

2.Transfer to blender make puree and add milk,sugar,vanilla essence and blend until smooth.Chill and serve.

Kiwi Fruit Milk shake and "Uses of Kiwi Fruit "

Nutritional Facts
High in fiber
High in vitamin C
A good source of vitamin E
A good source of Potassium
Low fat
Saturated fat-free

Health Benefits
Imporoves heart health
Protect against cancer
Relief from Asthama
See calharvest for detailed information.

Place Kiwi fruits in a paper bag and can store for 2 weeks in refrigerator.

Kiwi fruit

Ingredients for Kiwi fruit Milk shake
Kiwi Fruit - 2 no
Milk - 3 cups
Sugar - 4tspn
Almond essence -½ tspn


1.Wash kiwis and pare and cut into slices.

2.Transfer to blender ,add milk and sugar,almond essence and blend for smoother consistency and chill in refrigerator.
Chill the serving glass in fridge and fill the glass with kiwi fruit shake and serve.

Ingredients for Caramelized Banana
Butter - 2tbspn
Light brown sugar - 2tbspn
Honey - 2 tspn
Ripe Bananas - 2no,peeled, sliced to lengthwise in ½ and cut into crosswise
Whipped cream - 1tbspn


1.In a large sauce pan,melt the butter on medium heat.Add the brown sugar and stir until the sugar dissolves.

2. Add the bananas and cook, stirring for 3 minutes when sugar caramelizes and is bubbling add honey and shake the pan to get bananas coated with sugar and honey syrup.

3.Remove fron fire and leave it to cool and chill in refrigerator.Serve chill with Whipped cream as a topping.
Caramalized Banana Adapted from Emeril's Live.


Revathi said...

Wow Vineela 3 milkshakes and caramalized banana !!! Quite a feast... Thanks for participating in FMR. See you in the round up


Happy Hosting ,Revathi.Thank You.

Priya said...

WOW....awesome Vineela...3 lip smacking drinks and yummy bananas in just one picture is just too much to digest..!! There has to be a penalty for such a crime....You have to give us a sample..;-)
ThankYou and you are always welcome,Priya

Linda said...

Hi Vineela,

You've got four yummy choices for a sweet tooth here! Great photos too; the closeup of kiwi looks good enough to eat right off the monitor ;)

Your orange milkshake with vanilla reminded me of a creamsicle -- vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet together on a stick -- from childhood. Thanks for sharing these treats.

Hi Linda,
I love the taste of kiwi with crunchy seeds in the middle .
Hey why cant you post crimsicle - vanilla&orange sherbet and thanks for your kind words.

Sumitha said...

Oh what deliciously healthy drinks!
Hi Sumitha,
Here ,these days we feel very hot.This is the best way to keep cool with these chillers.
Thank You.

Menu Today said...

Hi Vineela,
Delicious 3 drinks and lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing vineela..

Thank You,MenuToday

sudhav said...

Nice entry for the FMR vineela.they look great...

Thank You,Sudha

indosungod said...

awesome milk shakes to have on a hot sweaty afternoon and with those caramalized bananas ---- heaven

Ya ,Here its really hot.
Thank You.

RP said...

Awesome drinks! I have never tried an orange milkshake. Nice color! Caramelized banana looks delicious. Those are ripe plantains, right? I usually fry them in ghee and sprinkle sugar. This recipe with brown sugar sounds cool.

Hi RP,
i used "Dole" bananas. Try Orange milk shake and let me know how you liked it .It's quick and east too.
Thanks for your comments .

Krithika said...

Me too... I have never tried an orange shake. Great idea.
Hi Krithika,
Thank You.It tastes delicious.

sudha said...

Iam thirsty vineela..after seeing your pictures. Thanks for sharing healthy and easy milkshakes in hot summer.

Hi ,
Quick to make and tasty too, Sudha.
Thank You.

KrishnaArjuna said...

That's a great spread Vineela! All the fruity goodness at one place, yumm!

Thank You,Arjuna

Kitchenmate said...

OH.. they look cool:) and very comforting during this hot weather.. and the picture of sliced kiwi looks pretty! orange juice looks colorful:)

Thank You,Karthi

Puspha said...

Mamamia!!!!! I'm speechless. Simply superb!!!!!

Thank You,Pushpa

santhi said...

What a lovely spread...

And looking forward for ur entries for JFI4 vineela

Thank You,Santhi.Definetly,My entry will be there.Happy Hosting.

starry nights said...

Nice refreshing drinks just in time to cool me down from the summer heat.beautiful pictures. look so real.thanks for sharing.How do you respond to your comments this way.(under the original comment.)

Hi Lalitha,
Send an e-mail to vineelascooking at . I will forward the code for comment moderation to your id. Krithika helped me in this.

Shankari said...

Vineela - awesome pics and refreshing drink, Sacramento weather is in triple digits, these drinks will help!
Can I ask you for the code too, love to do this, Iwill send you an email
Hi Shankari,
Thank You.
I will send you the code.

Anonymous said...

I love milkshakes! But I read somewhere couple of days ago, milk and fruits are not a good combination in Ayurveda. :( Do you know anything about this?
I too love milkshakes But,I don't have any idea about that ,LG

Priya said...

Lovely colors ! Looks very refreshing !!
Thank You,Priya

Neelu said...

Beautiful picture ! Yummy smoothies / shakes. Bananas look soooo good for a desert. Vineela Can you give me your recipe for idlis using Rice n urad daal and not
rava ....
Rice and Urad dal should be in 3:1 ratio and grind seperately add 10 fenugreek seeds to urad dal while soaking.Mix and keep for fermentation.
If you have any questions about that ask me .
Thank You.

Ashwini said...

Lovely combination...each of those drinks is just so refreshing

Hi Ashwini,
Really refreshing isn't it.Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »

Anonymous said...

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