Thursday, July 27, 2006

Frozen Apricot Yoghurt Ginger snap Squares

First I got introduced to "SHF" event by Ruth of "once upon a feast".That month theme was "Ginger".After searching on net i came across with lot of recipes like Gingersnap cookies,Ginger bread etc.But i held up with some work at that time and i ended up with Ginger peanut bars for that entry.I made this dessert after reffering from Pillsbury magazine and changed "APRICOT" instead of "CHOCOLATE".
This is my entry to "Sugar High Friday " #21 for the theme of "ICEICEBABY" by lovely "Sarah" of The Delicious Life.

Ingredients for GingerSnap Cookies:
Gold Medal® all-purpose flour - 2cups
Egg - 1
Sugar - 1 cup
Vegetable oil - 1 cup
Molasses(Brown Sugar) - ½ cup
Baking soda - ½tspn
Baking Powder - 1tspn
Salt - ½ tspn
Ground Ginger - 1 tspn
Ground Cinnamon - ½ tspn
Ground Cloves - 1 no,crushed


1.Heat oven to 350F.In large bowl, beat egg and add oil and stir well and then add molasses and sugar,ground ginger,crushed clove,cinnamon and stir for fine blending.Mix this into dough and knead well.Make dough into small balls and flatten it and roll in sugar bothsides.

2.Place on a parchment paper lined with baking sheet and Bake for 8 to 10 minutes until edges to turn brown color and tops appear cracked.Remove from oven and sprinkle sugar on gingersnaps and leave snaps to cool on wire racks.

3.Store in an airtight container once cool.
Adapted from Elise's Simply Recipes

Cookie crust layered with frozen Yoghurt and apricot whipping cream

Ingredients for :
Gingersnap cookies - 15
Dried Apricots - 2 cups
Butter - ½ cup
Frozen yoghurt - 8 cups
Frozen Whipped Cream - 2cups
Pistachio - 1/2 cup,coarsely ground
Honey - 1tspn for glazing
Gingersnap CookiesBaked Gingersnap Cookie Crust


1.Soak Dried Apricots in warm water for 1hr.Heat oven to 350 F. Grind Gingersnap cookies for powder in blender.

2.Add Butter to the cookie crust and mix well.Place Cookie mix into 13x9inches greased Rectangular baking pan and press evenly for same surface.Bake for 6 to 8 min.Remove from oven and Cool it for room temperature.

3.Grind soaked Apricots into paste in blender and strain for smooth paste.Fold Apricot paste into Whipped Cream and Mix well and store in fridge.

4.Spread Frozen Yoghurt on the upper layer of Baked Cookie crust and keep in freezer to set for 1 hr.

5.Once Youghurt is set ,spread apricot whipped cream over the youghurt layer and freeze for 3 hrs to set.

6.Before serving,Make a stencil of flower(my favourite) on whipped cream layer and sprinkle Coarsely ground Pistachio on top and glaze with honey at edges.

7.Cut the dessert with the knife (dipped in warm water) into squares and transfer to platter and Serve immediately.
Frozen Apricot Yoghurt Ginger snap Squares


indosungod said...

Frozen Apricot Yoghurt Ginger snap Squares look absolutely gorgeous and delicious. Wish I could have a bite.

Thank You.

archana said...

Looks so nice Vineela,loved the color. Thank you for the recipe

Thank You,Archana.I made chilli crepes and posted in "VineelasCooking Index".

shilpa said...

Wow...Vineela. You have an amazing talent. All your recipes are something special. This one looks so cute. Thanks for sharing.

Thank You ,Shilpa

Puspha said...

Awesomely good. Well done.
Thank YOU,Pushpa

Nabeela said...

wow..that's a pretty elaborate dessert...loved it!

Thank You,Nabeela

Neelu said...

Beautiful pic .....Dont u have recipes which wont increase my weight !! I Gain even if i smell sweet ..sob sob .

Oh Neelu. I feel the same thing whenever i make these but what to do nothing rules infront of "jihva".
Thank YOU.

gattina said...

I think your recipe and presention is execellent! Great job Vineela!
Hi ,
You know now iam going to enroll in Gattina Choco Culinary Institute :-)))))
Thank You.

Menu Today said...

Hi Vineela,
I think to repeat(long name) the name of this dish you must send me some:-)
It looks very delicious!!!

Hi Menu Today,
Thank You.I just tried to edit the name but felt to include all ingredients.
Definetly i will send you this.

Krithika said...

Wow ! wow ! wow! looks absolutely delicious

Thank You,Krithika

Kitchenmate said...

wow, looks delicious and very colorful indeed! neat presentation as usual and all thse looks very eloborative and eloquent:)

Thank You, Karthi.Ya, i made in two batches firstday i made cookies and stored.
dessert on the another day.

Anonymous said...

This looks soo sooo good.
than you, LG

Varsha said...

looks yummy.....and like all your recipes its innovative. Are you a professional photographer?? Your photos speak of great light effects, a good camera and ofcourse a creative brain on the other side of the camera!! Keep up the good work

Thanks for your encouraging words,Varsha.
Btw,Iam not a professinal photographer. Good to hear you liked my recipes.

Linda said...

Vineela, this looks delicious! So nice and cool for these hot summer days. :)

Thank You,Linda

Tanuja said...

Hi Vineela
yummy squares:)thanks for sharing this.

Thank You,Tanuja

Sumitha said...

My husband said the same after tasting this.Thank You.

RP said...

Gorgeous!! I loved that color of apricot yogurt.
Hi RP,
I mixed whipping cream with Apricot puree .I too like the color and taste of apricot.
Thank You.

Ashwini said...

Thats a super dessert Vineela...I love apricots so I will surely try this

I like the sunset color of apricots and felt to add to the cream .
Thank You,Ashwini.

santhi said...

what a beautiful picture vineela AWESOME...

JFI is missing ur entry..:):)

Thank You,Santhi.Now my recipe is in your mail box.

Hema said...

HI Vineela,

Nice recipe. I saw that you'll be hosting next month's JFI event. I wanted to make a suggestion for the ingredient.What about 'greens' (keerai as we call it in Tamil)?
I have been trying to include greens atleast 3 times a week for my daughter, but I run out of recipes. It would be very useful for moms like me to get various recipes for greens. Just a suggestion.


Hi Hema,
Thanks for visiting my blog.
I already choosed "milk" as my JFI ingredient and I will definetly host an Event on " greens " very soon especially for you.
Hope that will help you to prepare more recipes with keerai for your little one.

See my recipe for Purslane Dal /Parippu Keerai parupu recipe.

Thanks for your valuable suggestion.


KrishnaArjuna said...

Great recipe Vineela! Very vibrant colors too!

Hi Arjuna,
Thank You.Vibrant,isn't it . easy to get output :-)))

Hema said...


Thanks for offering to host another event with Keerai as the ingredient. And I liked your Paruppu Keerai recipe. Thanks for sharing that.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Asha said...

Happy new year Vineela!

I love tri-color combo of that dessert, a feast for eyes as well as the tummy!:))